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Leisureplex Blanchardstown

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Blanchardstown, Dublin,
T: +353(0)18223030
Ф: +353(0)18223042
Эл.п.: blanch@leisureplex.ie

As well as Corporate groups, Schools, Scouts, Residents Association, or any other large group events are catered for. Come and enjoy all the activities at Blanchardstown Leisureplex, Bowling, Snooker, Pool, and Quasar to name a few.

Quasar is the interactive laser game that gives you and your Co-workers the opportunity to take office politics to a new level. Each team member carries a real laser, with red beams. Large and small groups can play in the high-tech arena filled with pulsating lights and pounding music. The Q computer tracks everyone throughout the game, giving each player a personalized score sheet to see who won and who score a personal best.