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The Barony Of Erris Birdwatching

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The Barony Of Erris, Belmullet (Béal an Mhuirthead), Mayo,
T: +353(0)9782292
Эл.п.: info@errisbeo.ie

The Barony of Erris is one of the most popular areas in Ireland for the birdwatcher. The region of Erris was voted by 'The Irish Times' as the best place in Ireland to go wild!

The beaches and coastline of Erris are home to a variety of bird species throughout the year, making the area especially interesting for birdwatchers.

The distinctive 'crex-crex' call of the corncrake can be heard every summer. Cormorants, barnacle geese, curlews and turnstones can also be spotted in Erris.