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Corrib Canoe

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Aras Na Mac Leinn, NUI, Galway Outer City East, Galway,
Mr Brian Cahill
T: +353(0)857868717
Эл.п.: info@corribcanoe.com

Corrib Canoe Courses is a fun and exciting way to learn kayaking in Galway City, County Galway.

Corrib Canoe Courses is open to all children, teenagers and adults. They provide an ideal way to spend the morning, afternoon or evening for a week.

Located in the heart of Galway City, County Galway, Corrib Canoe Courses provide potential paddlers with the opportunity to learn a new sport in a safe and controlled environment, but they still know how to have fun with loads of games and activities to get through.

Corrib Canoe provides experienced instructors to teach the sport and provide excellent help to those who are just beginning to canoe.