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Tullassa Range

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Tullassa, Ennis, Clare,
Mr Michael Haren
Эл.п.: tullassarange@gmail.com

Enjoy a shooting experience in Tullassa Clay Shooting and Archery Grounds, just outside Ennis in Co. Clare. Catering for individuals and groups and open for non licensed and licensed gun holders. Also providing archery and falconry.

Shooting requires dedication, practise, accuracy and focus. Like any other sport it is a great way to unwind after a hard day at work and to enjoy some ‘you time’ or maybe ‘the craic’ with some friends. Whether you are a novice or more accomplished in the sport you will enjoy shooting at Tullassa Range.

The Range uses fully automated new state of the art traps and is continuing to develop the grounds and add new equipment as it progresses. So join Tullassa Range for a few shots under the expert supervision of Michael Haren, a fully qualified instructor and safety officer.

Tullassa Range is also in the process of extending its new archery range, which will cater for beginners and experienced clients of various ages. The facility is also designed for wheelchair access. For that once in a lifetime opportunity to interact with birds of prey why not treat yourself or that someone special to a hawk walk at Tullassa Range. One of the falconers will show you how to cast your hawk into the wind and then recall it your gloved hand. It’s a once in a lifetime experience you will not forget.

At Tullassa Range there are various birds of prey which you will get to meet and handle. It makes for great photo opportunities and is open to all ages.

As well as offering hawk walks, Tullassa Range will be offering falconry courses, owl evenings, flying displays, educational seminars, bird of prey appearances and hunting with hawks days.