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Burren Caving with Backwest Adventures

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Loughrask, Ballyvaughan, Clare,
Mr Tim O'Connell
Эл.п.: burrencaving@gmail.com

Offering memorable Burren experiences in caving and hill walking. Your guides Terry and Tim are both qualified cave leaders with years of experience and aim to make sure your experience is enjoyable and special.

Burren Caving with Backwest Adventures offer the opportunity to experience the underground landscape of the Burren. By combining its experience in adventure, geology, history, culture and archaeology with caving qualifications, it aims to build a truly special trip.

The company offers a number of caving experiences and can customize your caving journey to cater for all activity and experience levels. Caving is a physical activity but is safe and suitable for most age groups and levels of ability. Professional, qualified and friendly guides will ensure that your experience is genuine and exciting.

The caves in the Burren are unique and have a rich and varied history – Poll na Gollum gave its name to Gollum from Lord of the rings, it is the longest cave in Ireland.

Burren Caving provide the equipment you’ll need such as lights, helmets, boots, suits and batteries, harness, safety equipment and of course a fully qualified caving guide for your trip. Offering both full day trips and half day trips. You would need to set aside around 4 hours aside for a half day; you would typically spend 2 hours of this time underground.

Caving is family friendly. Burren Caving have brought groups of all ages, and have access to a range of caves suitable for those who just want to have a look around, and appreciate the strange and wonderful surroundings.

The most popular experience is aimed at novice groups and introduces them to caves and caving through a selection of walks in wild caves. Some walking, clambering and (just a little!) crawling in amazing, unique surroundings is required!

Burren Caving also cater for more experienced groups that want something a little more sporting. Climbing, crawling, ropework and even some swimming may be required on this type of caving journey. The trip can be designed to meet your needs as a group, just get in touch. Extended 3-5 hour journeys underground would be the norm and are part of the full day service.

If you would like to build caving in with additional activities such as climbing or surfing, this can be arranged with the company’s partners in the Burren Ecotourism Network.