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Belleek Pottery Visitor Centre

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3 Main Street, Belleek, Fermanagh, Northern Ireland
T: +44(0)2868659300
Эл.п.: visitorcentre@belleek.ie

Famously known for being the oldest working pottery in Ireland, Belleek Pottery has a living history dating from 1857. A 30 minute pottery tour allows you to see how this world famous product is created and view the craftspeople at work.

Famously known for being the oldest working pottery in Ireland, the Belleek Pottery Visitor Centre has a series of delicate delights to make your visit so much more memorable. Begin your visit with an interactive guided tour. Visitor Centre Guides will take you on a 30 minute pottery tour where you will see the 16 steps of how this world famous product is created. Amongst some of skills demonstrated, you will see moulding, flowering, painting and basket weaving. You will also have the opportunity to see the Belleek craftsmen and women at work highlighting the skill involved in every process.

As the oldest working pottery in Ireland, the heritage of Belleek is hard to ignore. In addition to the displays of exquisite craftsmanship, a 20 minute audio visual presentation will inform you of the rich history of the pottery from its beginnings in the mid 1800’s right the way through to present day.

The Belleek Museum houses some of the finest examples of product ever produced by the pottery since opening in 1857 including the International Centre Piece, a replica of the winning piece from the World Fair “Exposition Universelle” in the late 1800’s. Belleek is one of the few china producers to stake this much respected claim.

Once you have completed your tour, you can enjoy a little retail therapy in the Belleek Showroom where you have the opportunity to purchase from our exclusive range. A selection of pieces only available at the Visitor Centre can be purchased, packaged and posted for your convenience. A wide range of giftware including pottery and jewellery as well as oven and tableware are on offer.

To complete your visit why not take a little time out at our Belleek Tea Room where you can enjoy some well deserved refreshments from our savoury and sweet menu served on our Belleek tableware range.