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Triskel Arts Centre

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Cork City, Cork,
Ms Michelle Whelan
T: +353(0)214272022
Ф: +353(0)214275945
Эл.п.: info@triskelartscentre.ie

The Triskel Arts Centre is an innovative forum for the arts, including music, literature, visual art, education and theatre.

Triskel Arts Centre is a hub of the arts in Cork City, Ireland, housing a range of creative projects and enterprises. It functions as a live music venue, cinema and art exhibition space, as well as housing the independently run Gulpd Café and Plugd Records. The building is also home to the Theatre Development Centre.

Originally established in 1978 as a meeting point to encourage creative development in Cork, The Centre’s location was fluid until 1986 when it moved to its current address on Tobin Street.

In 2011 Triskel Arts Centre expanded as a result of the acquisition of the neighbouring property of Christchurch, which was deconsecrated in 1978.