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Tammy Lodge

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45 Barnes Road Claudy, Derry, Londonderry, Northern Ireland
Mr Christopher O'Kane
T: (028) 7778 1636
Ф: (028) 7778 1796
Эл.п.: info@sperrinpartitions.com

Tammy Lodge is the ideal place to stay if you wanted to cycle or climb the Sperrin Mountains.

This area holds many charms for both the avid nature lover and culture vulture too. Lose yourself in magical Learmount forest amongst the lovely local flora and fauna. Cycle or climb the nearby majestic Sawel or Dart hills, part of the Sperrin mountain range and appreciate the magnificent views from the top, stretching all the way to Donegal. If angling is your thing, the Faughan River is home to a range of fish including salmon and trout. The picturesque village of Park is only a mile away. Enjoy the craic and banter that can always be found in one of the many traditional pubs there at the weekend. Drive or take the bus into Derry City, a mere 15 miles away. Take time to savour the many delights this City has to offer including its walled old city, bustling nightlife, excellent restaurants and many historical artefacts.