Belfast Zoo

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Antrim Road, Belfast, County Antrim,
Mr Alyn Cairns
T: (028) 9077 6277
Ф: (028) 9037 0578

Belfast Zoo is situated on a breathtaking 55 acre hill site with panoramic views over Belfast Lough.

Belfast Zoological Gardens is located in North Belfast on the slopes of Cave Hill. This unique location provides unrivalled views across Belfast Lough with only a 15-minute drive from the city centre. The 55 acre site is home to more than 130 species, many of which are facing increasing dangers in their natural habitats.

The zoo carries out vital conservation work, both in Northern Ireland and around the world, taking part in global and collaborative breeding programmes which help to ensure the future survival of species under threat.

Swing by with your ‘little monkeys’ for a ZOOPER day out, waddle over to visit the penguins and other favourites at feeding time and pick up a special ‘zoovenir’ at the photography base camp. You can also visit all of the latest zoo babies!

Meet the animals:
• Asian elephants and Rothschild’s giraffe herd
• Barbary lion pride and Sumatran tigers
• California sea lions and penguins
• Ring-tailed lemurs and crowned sifakas
• Western lowland gorillas, chimpanzees and Moloch gibbons
• Goodfellow’s tree kangaroo
• Andean bears and Malayan sun bears
• Red panda
• Linne’s two-toed sloth
• Giant anteaters
• Malayan tapirs
• Native species including red squirrels, barn owls and Irish black honeybee
• The reptile and amphibian house

A ZOOPER day out!

Animal feeding times
If you are potty about penguins, mad about monkeys or barmy about bears, then don’t forget to visit your favourite animal at feeding time!

Adventurers’ Learning Centre
Adventurers’ can jump on board to cross crocodile creek, tunnel through meerkat mound or slither to snake island at the zoo’s play area, the Adventurers’ Learning Centre.

Walk on the wild side
Ever fancied feeding a penguin, having lunch with a lemur or getting up close to a herd of giraffes? Walk on the wild side and make your day out even more memorable with a penguin, giraffe or ring-tailed lemur experience. Book your experience today by calling 028 9077 6277.