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Aimerslei De Bhosc, Old Fermoy Road, Mitchelstown, Cork,
Mr Seamus Fox
T: +353(0)2524918

Clan Search is a professional genealogy service conducting Irish family history embracing modern forensics. Family tree tracing, seeking relatives, DNA testing, searching church, civil, property records, wills, censuses & giving guided tours/course

Have your Irish family tree researched. Irish Clan Search is a professional Genealogy Guider conducting family history embracing modern forensics. For a free assessment, give as many ancestral details- relatives, dates, places to improve the chances of precise research and cost.

Connecting ancestors to living relatives, seeking homesteads, graves, property records, censuses, wills, DNA tests, finding heirs, tour guiding, genealogy courses.

Irish Clan search is a Genealogy member of National Library / Archives and contributes to the “TV Genealogy Roadshow”.