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Galway Bird Watching

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332, Tirellan Heights, Headford Road, Galway City, Galway,
Mr Tom Cuffe
T: +353(0)879190818

Visitors are invited to see Ireland’s bird life in Galway City and County. With a variety of habitats within easy reach, a wealth of bird life can be seen from waders to passerines to raptors and sea birds.

Galway Bird Watching in County Galway offers tours which can be for one hour, a half day or full day, with the potential of seeing 40 to 60 species of birds in a full day's tour.

As all bird watchers know, there is no guarantee what birds will be seen. However, there is a high probability of seeing particular birds at certain times due to tidal and seasonal conditions, and due to migration and careful selection of habitats to suit everyone’s birding experience.

The Galway Bird Guide is Tom Cuffe a member of BirdWatch Ireland.

Visitors are requested to call the contact number for tour fee details and to arrange and discuss an itinerary.