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St Colmcille’s Bed, Chair & Holy Well

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Carrickmore, Omagh, County Tyrone,
Mr John Donaghy
T: (028) 8076 1112

St Colmcille’s Bed, Chair & Holy Well.

There are few parishes in Ireland in which there is not at least one holy well and that in many parishes there are more than one. The parish of Termonmaguirk certainly matched this claim at one time, if not today, with written references to at least eight wells in the immediate vicinity of the village of Carrickmore, which are, or were, considered to be holy.

Wells were often venerated in pre-Christian times not only as dependable sources of water but also in the hope of securing relief from various afflictions. The Christian Church resented this pagan worship at first but as this type of worship was so attached to their long-held beliefs, the Church authorities began to bless the pagan wells, and other objects such as stones, trees, etc. It is possible, therefore, that the monks blessed this well and also the bed and chair. Because of its location on top of a rock, it is unlikely that surface water would supply it, yet it is reputed not to dry up even in the driest time of the year. (Accessible)