Clonegal Slí na Sláinte

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Clonegal, Carlow, Carlow,

Clonegal is the starting point of the 7km Slí na Sláinte walk.

Clonegal is the starting point of the 7km Slí na Sláinte walk. Clonogan House, once owned by Bishop Hopkins, whose ghost is said to walk up to Clonegal every seven years. The Mill House,where there was a Corn Mill in the 19th Century.

Turn left at the Palm Trees, once the scene of cross road dancing. Also a meeting place of the United Irishmen in 1798. Ballyredmond Wood. The wood was felled during the Second World War. It was also the site of the Charcoal Pits (Italian System) and later the system used in the Black Forest in Germany. It was also a great wood for bilberry picking in the late summer. Knockcorrigan Hill where Mylie Doyle was buried on his own land. Killed in 1798, the Yeomanry wouldn’t allow him to be buried in Clonegal. A Gateway to the left was also a meeting place for United Irishmen because if surprised, they could hide in Ballyredmond Wood.

Turn left into Brook Road, crossing a bridge built at the ford in 1950. The brook divides Ballyredmond Wood from Clonogan Wood and used to power the Corn Mill at number 3 above. The Tullow Road, called the New Line, was built in the early part of the 20th century. Jolly’s Lane links this road with the Old Tullow Road and is very scenic. A smaller circular route from here to the Village is 1.5km.St Fiacc’s Church stands on an ancient ringfort. Rebuilt in 1819, it is a Board of First Fruit’s Church. Wesleyan Chapel, built in the 1830s.