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Barnett Demesne

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Milltown Road Malone Road/Shaw’s Bridge, Belfast, County Antrim, Northern Ireland
Barnett Demesne

Barnett Demesne combines tree and plant collections with woodland and wildflower meadows.

Park features include an arboretum, daffodil garden, ecotrail, orienteering routes, children’s playground (near Shaw’s Bridge), walking paths, refreshments (in Malone House) and scenic views.

Barnett Demesne combines tree and plant collections with semi-natural features such as woodland and wildflower meadows.

The park is home to many wild animals, including rabbits, badgers and grey and red squirrels, as well as birds such as jays, rooks and a range of songbirds. More than 70 species of wildflower grow in the meadows during the summer months.

The park has a variety of walking routes, several of which link with the Lagan towpath, Clement Wilson Park and Mary Peters Athletics Track.