Flawless - Chase the Dream: The Reboot

Sep 21 2018
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Olympia Theatre, 72 Dame Street, Dublin,
T: +353(0)16793323
E: info@olympia.ie

This high-energy, acrobatic, feel-good family show will blow you away.

High-energy, acrobatic and irresistibly feel-good, Flawless put on a family-friendly show that has wowed audiences from the television screen to the world stage.

Stars of the smash-hit movies Street Dance 3D 1 and 2 and two-time winners of the World Dance Championships, Flawless are perhaps best-known from Britain’s Got Talent, where they made waves as one of the most popular acts of the season.

With their popularity on the rise, Flawless have embarked on a smash hit world tour, and now, fresh from the road, they're back with a brand new show, which means even more jaw-dropping routines than before.

Be part of the exhilarating action as they bring their Chase the Dream: the Reboot tour to Dublin's Olympia Theatre. Follow the journey of ten big dreamers who are seeking the opportunity to live their ultimate dance fantasy on board the Intergalactic Dream Ship. As the passengers learn that with every dream comes a dark reality, the dreamers must battle their way back home or risk their losing their minds forever.