Waterford Whispers News Live!

Oct 06 2018
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Vicar Street, 58-59 Thomas Street, The Liberties, Dublin,
T: +353(0)17755800

From the homepage to the main stage, don't miss this outrageous inspection of Irishness.

From the homepage to the main stage, don't miss Waterford Whispers News Live!, an outrageous inspection of Irishness. Straight from the rakers of muck at WWN themselves, this brand new live show brings your favourite dose of daily drollery to life in the fun, fab surrounds of Vicar Street.

Enter the newsroom of a parallel universe where satire rules the day and get ready for a hilarious hayride through the headlines. From the dark (Woman Next to You on a Plane Doing that Annoying Quiet Crying Thing) to the irreverent (Dozens Injured in a Stampede as Second Checkout Opens in Lidl), WWN's material straddles the line between comedy and observation, even making real news in other countries (CNN actually reported a WWN headline about North Korea landing a man on the sun as fact) as a result.

With more than 14 million international readers acquired last year, it's become an Irish institution, and this new show is sure to be your new favourite way to "keep up with the news".