The Dark Tower

Oct 25 2019
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Tower Museum Union Hall Place, Derry~Londonderry, County Londonderry,
T: (028) 7137 2411

Drink, draw, and discover the haunted tower.

Drink, draw, and discover the haunted tower.

A night in the museum featuring:
Real Sketchy
A live sketching event taking place across 3 separate areas of the museum. If you've ever doodled on a beer mat, on a work call, or on your school desk - this is for you. Grab a drink from one of our bars, get sketching, and see your creations on the big screen.

Haunted House
Preview the Brand New haunted experience of the Story of Derry – never before seen by the public.

Museum at Night
Roam the floors of the museum, each with its own soundtrack and strange inhabitants.

You - looking amazing
We're relying on you to bring your Halloween costume A-game

Strictly over-18s.

Supported by the National Lottery Heritage Fund, Tourism NI, and Department for Communities.