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Oeps ... er ging iets mis!

Mijn Ierland

Op zoek naar inspiratie? Een reis aan het plannen? Of wil je jezelf gelukkig scrollen? Wij laten je het Ierland zien dat speciaal voor jou is gemaakt.

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Oeps ... geen internetverbinding

Als je offline bent, kun je nog steeds items toevoegen aan Mijn bord. Nieuwe reisaanbevelingen worden alleen weergegeven als je online bent.

    Ontdek wat Ierland voor jou in petto heeft

    Oeps ... geen internetverbinding

    Als je offline bent, kun je nog steeds items toevoegen aan Mijn bord. Nieuwe reisaanbevelingen worden alleen weergegeven als je online bent.

    Mijn overzicht

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    Items zonder fysieke locatie worden niet weergegeven op de kaart.

    Het lijkt erop dat je bord leeg is

    Let op het kleine hartje op Ireland.com. Tik op het hartje om dingen toe te voegen aan je bord!

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    Afbeelding van de collectie

    Zichtbaar voor mensen met wie je je bord deelt

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    Ierse dichters en de plekken waar ze van houden

    Poëzie en de dichters die het creëren, hebben al lang een speciale plek in het hart van Ierse mensen en de Ierse samenleving. Maar hoe zit het met de plekken die hen inspireerden?

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    As far back as the 6th century bards acted as official chroniclers of history and powerful satirists that no one wished to cross. Literacy arrived with Christianity in the land of saints and scholars, and poetry flourished in Ireland’s oral and literary traditions. Irish poetry remains a lively, respected and relevant craft and offers fresh insights to visitors seeking an authentic and nuanced sense of place.

    irishpoets-riverfane irishpoets-riverfane

    River Fane, County Monaghan

    irishpoets-mountbrandon irishpoets-mountbrandon

    Mount Brandon, County Kerry

    irishpoets-ballycastle irishpoets-ballycastle

    Ballycastle Beach, County Antrim

    County Antrim: Medbh McGuckian’s Ballycastle Beach

    In the mid-1980s Medbh McGuckian became the first female Writer in Residence at Queen’s University Belfast – where her mentor and former teacher, a certain Seamus Heaney, inspired her to change her name from its original Maeve. Her poems are deeply personal vignettes of a vivid interior life, set against dreamlike snippets of lived experience in Belfast city and the surrounding glens and beaches of County Antrim, with their foggy days and glass-clear skies, strange hills and borderless mountains.

    Prolific collections such as On Ballycastle Beach and The Currach Requires No Harbours capture the “athletic anatomy of waves” and “infinite racy stir of water”, and skies “opening out from a drowsy walled-in road onto a field of thistles”, painting atmosphere and place in a compelling shape-shifting style.

    Dublin: Eavan Boland and A Poet’s Dublin

    To celebrate the seventieth birthday in 2014 of acclaimed Irish poet, Eavan Boland, A Poet’s Dublin is both a collection of some of Boland’s best-known poems with her own photographs of Dublin, published by Carcarnet, and a joyous rabbit hole of a website published that same year to accompany an exhibition of the book’s images and poems.

    Both offer a sublime and fascinating journey through the Dublin lived in and refracted back by this gifted poet, with recordings of Boland herself reading and reflecting on selected poems (and, unusually, prose) about her home city. It offers a beautiful invitation to explore its harbours and hills, its pub life and suburbs, and local curiosities like its Huguenot Cemetery and the Doll’s Museum.