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Beyond The Music reimagines The Joshua Tree

Nov 23 2019
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Eden Quay, Dublin City, Dublin,

The Joshua Tree as You’ve Never Heard it Before - Beyond The Music’s Debut Live Performance of U2’s revered 1987 Album.

U2 fans have a treat in store as musicians Brendan Raeburn and Nigel Connell bring their orchestral and choral interpretation of The Joshua Tree to Dublin’s Liberty Hall.

Three years have gone into perfecting perfection. Ahead of the album launch early next year, the duo undertook a seemingly impossible project to transpose musical genres, go beyond the music with some of the world’s greatest albums.

For Nigel and Brendan the challenge was to find the orchestra who understood how to reimagine and revere. The Glass House Orchestra will raise the roof of Liberty Hall for this Dublin gig, just as the award-winning Prague FILMharmonic Orchestra have with Beyond the Music on the album. Proving to this first of many audiences that perfection won’t be perfected only reimagined in a way to take you into and beyond the music.

It's a night not to be missed!