Ireland's cities

Trinity College, Dublin

Buzzing streets, easy-going locals and culture around every corner – Ireland’s cities are all about personality.

Ireland's cities

When it comes to cities, you’ll find that small is mighty here in Ireland. From the busy streets of Dublin, Ireland's capital city, to the colorful character of Galway city, there’s a blend of modern living and time-old tradition everywhere. In Northern Ireland, the bustling capital of Belfast beckons with Titanic tales, delicious food at St George’s Market and charming pubs around every corner.

Trace the footsteps of Vikings in Waterford city, a medieval metropolis home to the Viking Triangle and its trio of Waterford Treasures museums. In the southwest, Cork city is a kaleidoscope of cosmopolitan style and maritime heritage. Meanwhile, the former UK City of Culture, Derry~Londonderry, celebrates the 400th anniversary of its ancient city walls, with everything from crafts, traditional music and dance, to one of the best Halloween festivals in the world tucked in between. 

There is one thing that binds our 11 cities together, though - you know there'll always be a warm welcome waiting for you wherever you're heading!

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