St Patrick’s Day events in Norway 2018

Irish or not, the world goes green on St Patrick's Day! 17 March is a time to celebrate, and here are the best St Patrick's events taking place in Norway this month.

St. Patrick's Day Parade

The St Patrick’s Day parade which will take place on Saturday March 17th at 12pm. The parade will start at Jernbanetorget and end at Universitetsplassen. See here for more information.

St. Patrick’s Day Parade After party

After the Parade Saturday on March 17th from 2pm – 5.30pm the Norwegian Irish Society will host a family event. There will be food drink and entertainment for the whole family. See here for full details are on their website and their Facebook event page.

St. Patrick's Day Kids Party, Bergen

The Bergen Irish Society will host a St Patrick’s Day Kids Party on Saturday March 17th at 2pm; it will include a mini Parade, table quiz and some arts and crafts. More details on their website and on their Facebook event page.

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Irrgrønn: A day of ideas from Ireland

A local Irish cultural production company Inngrønn will host a day of Ideas from Ireland on Saturday March 3rd at 18.00. More details on their Facebook event page and the Literaturhuset website.

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