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Burntollet Wood

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Discover the beauty of the Faughan Valley

Burntollet Wood sits in the picturesque Faughan Valley, just south-east of the city of Londonderry. The 24-hectare (59-acre) wood, still in its infancy, sits adjacent to Ness Country Park – an Area of Special Scientific Interest containing fragments of rare ancient woodland. The Woodland Trust has planted over 43,000 native trees at Burntollet, mostly oak with scatterings of ash, alder and wild cherry. The young trees will buffer the nearby pockets of ancient woodland, slowly linking habitats together and providing an extended haunt for the Valley’s precious wildlife. In summertime, visitors will be treated to 11 hectares (27 acres) of gloriously coloured wild flowers. Vibrant displays of yellow rattle, birdsfoot trefoil, red campion, and ox-eye daisy await you. The flowers, interspersed with clover, barley and oats, provide a valuable habitat for numerous species of insects and birds.