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Tramore, Waterford,
Ms Marie Power

Seaweed Matters - Join the Sea Gardener on a seaweed forage. Learn to cook with it, hear about its medicinal, skincare & gardening uses. Find out where and when to find the best seaweeds, distinguish edibles from non-edibles.

Seaweed Foraging and Wildlife. Pick your own forage to take home, certain in the knowledge that you will be able to create an exciting addition to your meals!

Explore the Shore – Learn about the plants and animals living on that narrow strip around us “where land meets sea”. The rocky shore is home to dozens of species that had have adapted ingenious ways to survive and thrive in this challenging environment. Observe and appreciate the connections between these creatures and the wider universe – moon and sun.

Connect with nature at a special level.
The Sea Gardener welcome individuals, families, groups, specialists, students, visitors and locals to share in our passion for the natural world.

The products are popular with healthy eaters, sport and fitness enthusiasts and snackers who want a natural, unadultered, sugar-free bar…with seaweed of course!

Join the Sea Gardener for a foraging walk, a seaweed cookery demonstration, a beach picnic or a talk. Email and check the website to find out more. Or contact Marie directly to discuss your own specific requirements. Talks & workshops are designed to suit particular needs.