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Henry Ford Ancestral Site

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Clonakilty, Cork,
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Henry Ford's father William was born in Ballinascarthy County Cork. A monument Model T replica commemorates him and a display of vintage Ford vehicles can be viewed at Lisselan Estate Gardens.

Henry Ford was the man who first made cars of a type and a price which almost everyone could afford to buy. The car of course, was the famous Model T Ford of which he sold millions.

On the main road in Ballinascarthy County Cork one can see a monument replica Model T Ford erected to honour Henry Ford's father William, who was born in Ballinascarthy.

Less than two kilometres away is the Henry Ford Ancestral Site which is located on part of Lisselan Estate. There are a number of vintage Ford vehicles which are on display for visitors to Lisselan Estate Gardens.

John Ford was a tenant farmer in Madam Ballinascarthy, (which is now a part of Lisselan Estate) farming 30 acres of land. John's landlord at the time was William Bence Jones of Lisselan Estate. John was married to Thomasina and had 7 children one of whom was William.

In 1847 when the Great Famine hit Ireland John Ford left with his family and headed for the United States of America. When William was thirty five years old and a successful farmer he met and married Mary Litogot. Mary lost her first child, but on the 30 July, 1863, they had a son who was called Henry.