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    Released in more than 3,000 cinemas across India, 24 countries around the world, including Ireland, and reaching a global audience of more than 100 million people, romantic thriller Ek Tha Tiger stars two of Bollywood’s biggest superstars.

    Romance blossoms between Salman Khan and Kaitrina Kaif when Indian Secret Agent, Tiger (Khan) investigates a scientist suspected by the Indian government of selling information on missile technology to Pakistan. And where does Tiger go to track down the scientist?

    Why Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland, of course!

    bollywood-pic bollywood-pic

    Dance scene from 'Ek Tha Tiger' outside Trinity College Dublin

    In fact, one third of Ek Tha Tiger’s filming took place in Dublin, which means that just by following Khan and Kaif’s footsteps, you can go on your very own Ek Tha Tiger tour.

    City sights

    Tiger’s first scene in Ireland occurs outside Dublin’s historic Trinity College and it’s here you’ll find the ancient Book of Kells in the library.

    A Bollywood film featuring a secret agent wouldn’t be complete, though, without a high-speed pursuit on foot after a spy. In Ek Tha Tiger, Tiger races down Wellington and Ormond Quay, and into the busy Temple Bar area.

    An unfortunate tram driver bringing some tourists to the Decorative Arts and History National Museum of Ireland and Dublin Zoo gets dragged into the bust-up. Here, Tiger is left to divert the tram from oncoming traffic and prevent a disastrous collision. Phew!

    Retail therapy

    Busy on his feet, the smitten Tiger finds himself involved in another chase on Grafton Street; this time after love interest, Zoya, who happens to be the scientist’s assistant. Despite the huge selection of shops along this popular street, it’s not here he purchases a gift to win her over.

    Instead, Tiger visits Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre just off Grafton Street, where he buys the lovely Zoya a little something to woo her.

    Just across the shopping centre, Tiger brings Zoya on their first date to Dublin’s perfect picnic location – St Stephen’s Green. Here, they wine and dine in the romantic company of the park’s swans drifting on the lake.

    Night life

    The Gaiety Theatre is where Zoya, who is also a dance student, is due to perform on stage. Home to one of Ireland’s most prestigious acting schools, plays and performances run all year round in this spectacular venue.

    A night out in Temple Bar with Zoya and friends introduces Tiger to Dublin’s great night life and The Temple Bar, an actual pub named after the area, is where the night begins, with Tiger showing off his impressive hand/eye co-ordination skills throwing darts with the locals.

    Sleep like the Stars

    Trying to find a way to stay the night with Zoya to get closer to the scientist (and her!), Zoya agrees to bring Tiger to a few hotels to find a room, including the Central Hotel and the Mercantile. Conveniently for Tiger, every hotel is full. Perhaps, he would have had more luck finding a room in The Westbury, The Gibson or even The Shelbourne Hotel – which Khan and Kaif stayed in during the filming of the movie!

    All’s well that ends well, though, as it seems that Zoya isn't the only thing Tiger falls for during his trip to Dublin. Ireland's charm clearly captures his heart as he races around the capital from sight to sight before events carry them to Turkey and Cuba return to India and the movie’s conclusion...

    Perhaps reality could match the Bollywood’s view for you, too? But to find out, you’ll just have to pay us a visit…