Mac and Me

May 30 2018
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RUA Red, Blessington Road, Tallaght, Dublin,
T: +353(0)14515860

Join the Tallaght Young Filmmakers for a night of cinema so bad, it's good.

Cinema can sometimes be taken a little too seriously, and the folks at Tallaght Young Filmmakers think we could all benefit from a little lightening up. That's why they're excited to bring you three great nights of cheese-tastic B-movies this spring.

Taking over RUA Red's film club, TYF will be screening three nights of cinema so bad, it's good. In May, get ready to squirm at this hilarious screening of Mac and Me.

Telling the tale of a young extraterrestrial who escapes from NASA only to find himself stranded on Earth with a handicapped human youth for a friend, Mac and Me is a cheesy 80s movie you'll just love to hate. Bring a friend and a lighthearted attitude and get ready to laugh your way through one of the worst films ever made at RUA Red. It's a bit of craic, and the treats are included.