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Blackrock Pumpkin Festival

Oct 30 2019
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Main Street, Blackrock, Louth,

The charming seaside village of Blackrock gets magically transformed for the annual Pumpkin Festival where hundreds carved of pumpkins line the promenade wall. Join our white witches casting spells and a zombie "Blackwalk" to the beach.

As Celtic festival of Samhain approaches marking the beginning of winter and the ‘darker half’ of the year it is also a time when the ‘door’ to the other world opens allowing evil spirits, ghouls and creatures to pass through to our world.
18:00 - The Blackrock Pumpkin Carnival invites families to come dressed up to place their carved pumpkins on the promenade wall to warn off these evil ghosts and ghouls entering the village during Halloween. “Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn and cauldron bubble”
Come and watch the three white witches brew up a protection spell at the most mythical place in the village, the Sundial! Broom parking will be available.
19:00 - Join The BlackWalk with the creepy Samba Band crew to the beach to cast the protection spell over the village and banish the evil Halloween spirits.
- Enjoy spooktacular candlelit piano playing on the beach with scary surprises!
20:00 - Take your Pumpkin home