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Ennis Gourmet History Walking Tour

Sep 01 2019 - Nov 30 2019
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Temple Gate Hotel Courtyard, Ennis, Clare,

Ennis Gourmet History Tour is an entertaining and fascinating insight into the vibrant market town of Ennis, the history of Irish food and how food and attitudes to food have shaped Irish society – an edible experience with samplings along the way.

This Ennis walk takes us on a journey that serves as an edible experience of the town’s past and present. The tour, led by Jane O'Brien of the award-winning Ennis Walking Tours, traces the evolution of the market town of Ennis and unravels the secrets of the tradition and creativity of the history of Irish food. From the simple diet of our ancestors and the enormous impact of the potato famine to the modern cuisine of today this 70-minute stroll through the picturesque old streets and bow-ways of Ennis will awaken your senses to the tastes, smells and history of this unique market town.

What to expect
The experienced tour guide will lead the group on a walk through the historic and scenic streets of Ennis with storytelling at several landmarks along the way including the Old Abbey, the Market, O’Connell Square, the McParland Building and many others. On your journey you will get a taste of the rich history of the town’s past and its present. From feasts to famine - the food of kings and friars, upper classes and labourers, will all be explored. Experience the ancient art of butter making; taste the actual famine ‘lumper’ potato that caused such devastation for our ancestors; and explore the many innovative ways that local people used the wild produce of the shores and woodlands to supplement their diets. There will even be the opportunity to taste the once infamous illegally distilled Poitín – the ‘darling liquor’ of the townsfolk. The tour will end with a stop at a local food supplier to taste and learn more about the wealth of fine local produce currently available including Clare Farmhouse Cheeses, Burren Smoked Salmon, Clare Jam, Chocolate and more.
A feast for the senses - this tour provides you with a real taste of Ennis.

Prebooked tours are available throughout Sep/Oct/Nov.
Tours cost €20 per person with a minimum requirement of 4 people to run a tour.

This event is part of Taste the Island.