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3rd International Symposium of Chinese Theoretical Applied Linguistics

Dec 12 2019 - Dec 14 2019
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University College Cork, University Hall, Cork, Cork,

The Department of Asian Studies at the University College Cork is pleased to announce the Third International Symposium on Chinese Theoretical and Applied Linguistics (ISOCTAL-3) to be held at Cork on 12th – 14th December, 2019.

The Symposium aims to promote worldwide collaboration on Chinese theoretical and applied linguistics by giving researchers an opportunity to share their work.

Papers are invited for ISOCTAL on any topics in Chinese linguistics – understood broadly as covering all Sinitic languages, e.g. Mandarin, Cantonese and all regional varieties – including syntax, morphology, phonetics and phonology, semantics, language variation and sociolinguistic studies, diachronic change, language contact, typology and comparative studies, child language acquisition, second language acquisition and teaching, applications of translation and code-switching to pedagogy.