6 Insta-worthy views of rural Ireland

A deserted island, rolling hills and a few furry friends, here are six picture-perfect views of the Irish countryside

1. Gleniff Horseshoe Valley, County Sligo (@nita601)

This spectacular hidden valley in Sligo looking up onto the green slopes of the Dartry Mountains will take your breath away. Head along the Gleniff Horseshoe Valley road to see some of the most beautiful scenery in Ireland, from the mighty Ben Bulben to Donegal Bay.

2. Inishsirrer, County Donegal (@garethwrayphotography)

Inishsirrer is a deserted island frozen in time. Stroll the spotless beaches and explore the abandoned village in one of the most rural spots in Ireland. Across the water is Gweedore, the largest Irish-speaking parish in Ireland and a hotspot of traditional culture and customs.

3. Harry Avery's Castle, County Tyrone

Harry Avery's Castle is a fascinating artefact of old Ireland, built 700 years ago by a local chieftain of the O’Neill clan. The two remaining towers once served as the entrance to a courtyard that was surrounded by a curtain wall. Set among County Tyrone’s rolling hills, there’s no better spot to take a few photos.

4. Caves of Keash, County Sligo (@sligolanguage)

The mysterious Caves of Keash have been an important part of Gaelic culture for thousands of years, and served as a meeting place for religious festivals such as Lughnasadh, which marked the start of the harvest season. The caves feature heavily in medieval Irish mythology from the story of Cormac mac Airt, who was born at the foot of the hill and raised by wolves, to lovers Diarmuid and Gráinne taking refuge as they fled from a vengeful Fionn mac Cumhaill.

5. Castle Roche, County Louth

Perched on a rocky hilltop, the striking Castle Roche can be seen for miles in every direction. Dark rumours have surrounded the castle since it was built in 1236. The legend goes that Rohesia de Verdun offered her hand in marriage and a share in the estate to whatever man could build her a castle. After the wedding feast, she invited her new husband to view the grounds from her bedroom window, and she pushed him to his death. Ever since, that window has been known as the Murder Window.

6. Binevenagh Lake, County Londonderry (@nicole_rjackson)

A sparkling lake on a rocky mountain – there are few more photogenic spots in the world than Binevenagh Lake. Binevenagh Mountain is one of the best places in Ireland for outdoor sports whether you’re into hang gliding, rock climbing, fishing, motorsports or just a good hike. Stand at the top of the rugged cliffs for the perfect view of Northern Ireland.

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