Ukulele Hooley

Aug 17 2019 - Aug 18 2019
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Dun Laoghaire, Dublin,

The Ukulele Hooley is Ireland’s international ukulele festival, in its 10th year & Europe’s longest running ukulele festival. Join them for a weekend of ukulele fun, with workshops, busk bus, open mike, jams, and an all day concert in the park.

This is Ireland’s international ukulele festival, the ‘Ukulele Hooley by the Sea’

This is the 10th year of the festival, Europe’s longest running ukulele festival. Over the years they have presented many talented ukulele performers and groups from around the world and they’re planning to continue that tradition in 2019.

Many ukulele luminaries have performed including Belgium’s Winin’ Boys, Ukulele ZaZa, Minnie & The Illywhackers, Del Rey, Andy Eastwood, Peter Moss, Ukulele Uff & Lonesome Dave, Janet Klein, France’s Les Poupees, Fred Sokolow, Shine (from Spain), Gus and Finn Trio, Ukulele Red & Lil’l Mamie Brown, The East River String Band, Ireland’s West Cork Ukulele, Ukeristic Congress, Aisling Goes Walking, the Dublin Ukulele Collective, UK’s Hot Potato Syncopators, Casey McGill, James Clem, The Mourning Glories and many many other fine artists and groups.

This year you can expect all the elements that have made the Ukulele Hooley one of the most friendly and enjoyable festivals.

Keep an eye on the website and social media accounts, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. A weekend of ukulele fun and frolics is promised!

On Saturday 17th August, most of the festival proceeding will be happening at the Eblana Lodge, on Eblana Avenue, Dun Laoghaire.

On Sunday 18th August, the main concert event will be held in the People’s Park, Dun Laoghaire.

Saturday morning kicks off with a selection selection of workshops with amazing ukulele musicians.

James Hill – Lyricism and Line: How to Make the Ukulele Sing
Andy Eastwood – Make Me Musical
Mark Mangan – Why On Earth Would I Subject Myself To Learning Chord Theory
Ukulelezaza – Rare Tricks & Grooves

And you know ukulele players, there’s usually a Jam happening too.

Early afternoon the Bus Busk departs, for a trip through South County Dublin via an open top double-decker bus, for a super fun time of ukulele playing and refreshments.

On the Saturday night there is an Open Mic event, doors (and the list) open at 19:00, with kickoff at 19:30. Come along, bring your ukulele and song, and they’ll provide the audience.

All are welcome, just put your name on the list and they’ll call you up when it's time to perform.

After the open mic portion of the evening ends, Sunday’s ukulele performers give a taste of what to expect on at the main Ukulele Hooley concert in the People’s Park.

The main concert event kicks off mid morning in the People’s Park, Dun Laoghaire, and during the day there is the Big Sea Ukulele Jam.

There will be an amazing lineup of local and international ukulele artists, including James Hill, Bad Mouse Orchestra, Ukulelezaza, Dublin Ukulele Collective, Andy Eastwood, Winin' Boy, Ukeristic Congress, Ukulele Tuesday, Minnie & Illywhackers, Ukulele Rat Pack, RUGs ... and more.