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Brewery Tour & Tastings in The Franciscan Well

Oct 02 2019 - Oct 30 2019
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14b North Mall, Cork City, Cork,

Hear the story of how the Franciscan Well became one of Ireland's most popular craft breweries. Free Tours & Tastings every Wednesday at 18:00 for the month of October.

Cork has the richest craft beer culture in Ireland and the Franciscan Well is at the heart of that, being one of Ireland's oldest and best respected craft breweries.

As part of Taste The Island, the Well ( as known to friends!) will run free Brewery Tours & Tastings every Wednesday at 6pm for the month of October. The tour begins with a history of the site ( which is built on an old Franciscan Monastery ), followed by an outline of how their beer is brewed the #CorkWay and then finished off with a tasting on three beers, where you will learn where the ingredients came from and the impact they have on the beers and if you're lucky you might get to meet Pete ( The Master Brewer!)
Email for bookings or better again pop into the brewpub on 14B North Mall.
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This event is part of Taste the Island