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Portadown Walking Ghost Tours

Oct 10 2019 - Oct 30 2019
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6a Carleton Street, Portadown, County Armagh,
T: (028) 3833 2010

Join Portadown Heritage Tours for a walking ghost tour of the town.

Join Portadown Heritage Tours for a walking ghost tour of the town. Explore local folklore and ghost stories that have been passed down the generations.
The tour starts at Carleton Street Orange Hall. It is in the Orange Hall that visitors have the opportunity to hear about the hall’s own ghost, who is still active on a daily basis. There are lots of stories of sightings and unexplained noises. The tour then continues into Portadown Town where the stories continue. There are a number of different stops in the town. Included is the story of the last man hanged in Portadown in 1809. The tour then heads for the River Bann where there are the many stories of apparitions that have appeared along the banks of the Bann after the 1641 Massacre.
The walking Ghost Tour of Portadown is on selected dates and lasts approximately one hour.
This tour is not a paranormal investigation. There are also no individuals dressed up along the route who jump out at visitors.
We often get asked if the tour is suitable for children. We have had children as young as eight on the tour and there has been no issues. Portadown Heritage Tours leave the decision to parents/guardians to decide if the tour is suitable as every child is different.

The tour is also an opportunity to learn some history of the town and finishes at the Pump House at the River Bann. Visitors are then invited to join us back at the Orange Hall for some tea, coffee and hot chocolate to warm up.

The ghost tours are an excellent community tourism initiative that prove popular with all members of the community.
Booking for the ghost tours is absolutely essential. We can only bring a certain number of visitors out on each tour, so visitors must book in advance.
Tours can be booked through the office, by email or through our facebook page.

Dates for Portadown Heritage Tours: 10th October, 16th October, 22nd October, 24th October, 29th October and 30th October.