The Island of Ireland

Binevenagh, County Londonderry

With a location on the edge of Europe, Ireland is an island of heather-flecked hills and dramatic Atlantic coastlines, of traditional music and heartfelt welcomes. Let Ireland work its charms on you...

Brimming with character and characters, Ireland invites you to explore just a little more all the time. To encounter those famous 100,000 welcomes for yourself. To wander around our cities, towns and villages. To hear the sounds of revelry echoing from cobblestoned street corners, from inside laughter-filled pub doorways, and in time to the beat of traditional Irish music played wherever and whenever the mood takes us.

And you’ll find secrets, too: buried in silent monastic villages, winding along coastal roads, written in our gilded libraries’ most ancient manuscripts. But here’s the thing: you’ll find the people here have little interest in keeping secrets. They are storytellers at heart, after all.

See what you unearth when you follow the path of your favourite writer, chase a much-loved legend, trace your family history. And as you sup a pint to the backdrop of lilting music and laughing locals, you just might feel like you’ve belonged here, all this time.

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