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    Rory Gallagher International Tribute Festival

    Headline acts, street concerts and guitar workshops – rock and roll fills the town of Ballyshannon as it celebrates the legend of Rory Gallagher!
    County Donegal
    Art & Culture
    1hr 30mins to City of Derry Airport
    star-wars-last-jedi-malin-head-county-donegal star-wars-last-jedi-malin-head-county-donegal
    The legend lives on

    The late, great Rory Gallagher has been fondly remembered every year at an International Tribute Festival in Ballyshannon, County Donegal, since 2002. Such is the adoration for Gallagher, it's now become one of Ireland's leading blues rock festivals, honouring the life, music and legacy of this talented guitarist and musician!

    Ballyshannon, County Donegal
    1 — 4 June 2023

    Everyone adores Rory Gallagher in Ireland, he has roads named after him and his own postage stamp!

    Rock out on the west coast

    Every year, the small town of Ballyshannon comes to a standstill as rock fans flock there to celebrate the life and times of the legendary Rory Gallagher. Up to 10,000 passionate music lovers descend on this rural town, which usually has a population of just 2,500!

    Alongside the headline acts, there are free street concerts, guitar workshops and exhibitions. What better way to remember the late Rory Gallagher could you ask for?

    rory-gallagher-large-image rory-gallagher-large-image

    Loved across Ireland

    One of Rory Gallagher's guitars on display in Cork

    Looking for something different?

    We love a festival on the island of Ireland. And we celebrate everything from saints to surfing to Star Wars with a fun, vibrant and year-round line-up of festivals and events. So no matter when you're coming, you'll find an event to help make your trip something special.

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