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    See what Ireland has in store for you

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    titanic-belfast-48-hour-day-trip-bg titanic-belfast-48-hour-day-trip-bg
    2 days

    Explore Belfast's Titanic history in 48 hours

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    From Belfast to Titanic Belfast
    Nearest Airport Belfast Airport
    Attractions Hillsborough Castle, Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge, Giant’s Causeway
    titanic48hours-titanicbelfast-herocollage-one titanic48hours-titanicbelfast-herocollage-one
    titanic-sculpture-48-hour-day-trip-hero-3 titanic-sculpture-48-hour-day-trip-hero-3
    titanic-exhibition-48-hour-day-trip-hero-1 titanic-exhibition-48-hour-day-trip-hero-1

    Titanic's emotive story has captured hearts and minds for over a century. And Belfast was where it all began

    The wreck of the RMS Titanic came to rest about 600 km off the Canadian coast, but Belfast is where the Ship of Dreams was designed, built and berthed. Here’s how to spend 48 hours immersed in Titanic and Belfast's maritime history.


    Day 1


    Day 2

    fireworks-48-hour-day-trip-inset-1 fireworks-48-hour-day-trip-inset-1
    Day 1 Belfast

    Day 1

    Today, you’ll get to explore the world’s largest Titanic visitor experience, step aboard the Titanic’s little sister, and dine in the room where the RMS Titanic was designed.

    Explore Day 1


    Titanic Belfast

    titanic48hours-titanicbelfast-day1-830 titanic48hours-titanicbelfast-day1-830

    Start the day with breakfast right in the heart of the Titanic Quarter. Paper Cup is a cute little coffee shop that serves up tasty breakfasts and lunches while offering fantastic views of the stunning Titanic Belfast building.


    Titanic Belfast's interior

    titanic-belfast-interior-titanic-in-48-hours titanic-belfast-interior-titanic-in-48-hours

    James Cameron loves it, and you will, too! Titanic Belfast is the largest Titanic visitor experience in the world and tells the ship's tragic tale through interactive exhibits. Situated on the exact spot the Titanic was built,  the museum requires a good few hours to take everything in, from the underwater exploration theatre, a dark ride and recreated cabins complete with passenger holograms.


    Once you’ve had your fill of the exhibits, drop into the Grand Atrium on the ground floor and fill up on their Titanic treats like traditional fish and chips at the Pantry. This restaurant serves freshly prepared, locally sourced meals, including a garden menu, filled with fresh and healthy options.  


    SS Nomandic, Belfast

    Belfast 2022_SS_Nomadic Belfast 2022_SS_Nomadic

    The SS Nomadic was built to ferry passengers to and from the Titanic (and her sister ship, the RMS Olympic). Since then, the ship has been lovingly restored and moored close to Titanic Belfast. You can now come on board and experience the luxurious interior and fascinating history for yourself. 


    Titanic Hotel, Belfast

    48hourstitanic-titanichotel 48hourstitanic-titanichotel

    Table for two? Dine out in Drawing Office Two in the Titanic Hotel which features authentic interiors including tile patterns that mirror the Titanic’s onboard swimming pool and First Class bathrooms. It’s a first come first served basis, so make sure you book ahead for this delicious three-course meal.

    titanica-sculpture-48-hour-day-trip-day-2 titanica-sculpture-48-hour-day-trip-day-2
    Day 2 Belfast

    Day 2

    Day two takes you down to the dry dock where the Titanic was constructed, onto the water where the ship disembarked and over to the Memorial Gardens where you can pay your respects.

    Explore Day 2


    Titanic's Dock And Pump House, Belfast

    dock-and-pump-house-48-hour-day-trip-inset-5 dock-and-pump-house-48-hour-day-trip-inset-5

    The Edwardian-era Thompson Dry Dock is where Titanic’s welders, riveters, platers and caulkers put the final touches to the Ship of Dreams. Grab a coffee in the Pump-House and walk along the original keel blocks where this ship rested on the eve of her first and last voyage.


    River Lagan boat tour, Belfast

    river-lagan-boat-tour-48-hour-day-trip-inset-6 river-lagan-boat-tour-48-hour-day-trip-inset-6

    To truly understand the Titanic, you really have to understand Belfast’s rich maritime heritage. The best way to do that? A guided boat tour which takes in the Titanic Quarter by the iconic River Lagan.


    Of course, we all remember the moment in the movie when Rose descends the grand staircase dressed in that shimmering beaded gown – you can emulate that decadence at Titanic Hotel's Afternoon Tea, which aims to recreate the "golden age of hospitality". You can enjoy freshly made pastries and scones, in a quaint historic space with relaxing soft music as your backdrop, a delightful treat!


    The Titanic Memorial Garden, Belfast

    titanic-memorial-gardens-house-48-hour-day-trip-inset-7 titanic-memorial-gardens-house-48-hour-day-trip-inset-7

    It’s hard to comprehend the loss of life that occurred on April 15, 1912. The Titanic Memorial Garden and Monument at Belfast City Hall is the place to pay your respects to all 1,512 people who perished, and see where each and every name is inscribed on a set of bronze plaques.


    Robinsons Bar, Fibbers McGee

    titanic48hours-fibbers-day27pm titanic48hours-fibbers-day27pm

    Stepping into Robinsons Bar is like stepping on board the Titanic – albeit first class. Dark wood, polished brass fittings and cabinets packed with authentic Titanic memorabilia make it a great place to pull up a stool and end the day.

    star-wars-last-jedi-malin-head-county-donegal star-wars-last-jedi-malin-head-county-donegal