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Leixlip Slí na Sláinte - Saint Catherines Park

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Leixlip 4km Slí na Sláinte - Saint Catherines Park is the second route in Leixlip. Most of the route is through parkland and it starts a the Rye Bank off main street.

St. Catherine's Park Slí is the second Slí na Sláinte route in Leixlip. It is a 4km route, most of which is through parkland, away from noise and traffic. The route starts at the Rye Bank, just off Main St., opposite the Ryevale Tavern. This part of the riverbank has been recently enhanced; so make sure to look out for the nearby interpretative panel and the two picnic tables.

Just along the path standsthe old penal church built in the 18th century, used as a school from 1833 to the early 1900's and now the home of the 1st Kildare Scouting Unit. This path leads onto Distillery Lane (so called because of the whiskey distillery in the 1830's) and then uphill, finally emerging at the Church of St. Charles Borromeo, patron saint of the clergy. Turning left onto Captains Hill, the route takes the first right and passes through the modern housing estates of Glendale and Glendale Meadows and into St. Catherine's Park.

This beautiful 33-acre park was given to the Kildare County Council by the Irish Government when the entire demesne was acquired by the state some years ago. After crossing the park, the route exits and turns right passing St. Catherine's Well and Priory (built in 1219). Follow the very pleasant tree-lined avenue, turning left at the gates and then right up Main Street which leads back to the starting point at the Rye Bank.