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    glassofthrones-hero-v1 glassofthrones-hero-v1
    3 days 4 km

    Glass of Thrones

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    From City Quays to Titanic Belfast
    Nearest Airport Belfast City Airport
    Attractions Titanic Belfast, Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge, Giant’s Causeway
    glassofthrones-hero-v2 glassofthrones-hero-v2
    glassofthrones-dayone-lannisters glassofthrones-dayone-lannisters

    Embark on a trail through Belfast in search of the six Glass of Thrones stained-glass windows, showcasing scenes from the world of Westeros

    Winter has come and gone. The nail-biting saga of Game of Thrones® has finally drawn to an epic close but the legacy of the hit HBO show lives on here in Northern Ireland – home to more Seven Kingdoms locations than anywhere else in the world. Send a raven – this is an experience not to be missed!


    Day 1

    2 km


    Day 2

    1 km


    Day 3

    glass-of-thrones-bg2 glass-of-thrones-bg2
    Day 1 City Quays to the Lagan Weir Bridge

    Day 1

    Get a flavour for Belfast's food scene, explore Writer's Square and marvel at the epic moments of House Stark and the best (and worst) of House Baretheon.

    Explore Day 1

    Salmon and Starks

    Stark window, City Quays

    glassofthrones-starks glassofthrones-starks

    Standing tall by the City Quays you'll find the first stained-glass window of House Stark and its defining moments from the series. Spot direwolves, Jon Snow, and the death of Ned Stark, which kickstarted the epic fight for the Iron Throne. Nearby, you’ll find the Salmon of Knowledge sculpture by artist John Kindness, which the locals call the "Big Fish". In legend, it’s said that the person who ate the Salmon of Knowledge would be the wisest person in the world! If you look closely at the scales, you’ll see that each one relates a scene from Belfast’s history, including newspaper headlines, and images of local industries, such as Harland and Wolff, shipbuilders of the ill-fated Titanic.

    1 km

    A feast for the eyes

    Writer's Square, Belfast

    glassofthrones-writerssquare glassofthrones-writerssquare

    Walk along the quaint cobbled streets to St Anne’s Cathedral and admire the soaring pillars, detailed mosaics and elaborately carved stonework of this hallowed landmark. Writer's Square is across the road, where quotes from famous local writers including CS Lewis, Hanna Bell and John Hewitt are etched into the stone pavement. For a dose of artistic inspiration, visit The MAC (Belfast's Metropolitan Arts Centre) where you can enjoy dynamic changing art exhibitions in the centre's three galleries any time, free of charge.
    If you have more time, stop off for a drink at the characterful Duke of York pub – a favourite of locals and tourists alike, which oozes with traditional charm.

    1 km

    A bridge to the Baratheons

    Baratheon window, Lagan Weir Bridge

    glassofthrones-daytwo-baratheons glassofthrones-daytwo-baratheons

    At the Lagan Weir bridge you'll spot the Baratheon window. Dominated by the mystical Red Woman and Renly's shocking assassination, this is a stained-glass window coloured in bloody magic. Stop by the Lagan Lookout Visitor Centre for sweeping views of the city across the river and stroll over to the Cathedral Quarter where a treasure trove of culture and creativity are in store.

    If you have more time, stop off at the Ulster Museum to see the Game of Thrones® tapestry, where the story of the Seven Kingdoms is bought vividly to life through intricate stitches!

    glassofthrones-daythree-v2 glassofthrones-daythree-v2
    Day 2 The Odyssey to SS Nomadic

    Day 2

    Watch out for the White Walkers and a dragon Queen flanked by fire and blood – allow Belfast to spark your imagination…

    Explore Day 2

    Fire and magic

    Targaryen window, The Odyssey

    glassofthrones-targaryensv2 glassofthrones-targaryensv2

    Silver-haired Daenerys reigns supreme on the Targaryen window, along with her dragons, a molten gold "crown" for her ill-fated brother, Viserys and the ancestral seat of House Targaryen – Dragonstone. You'll find the Targaryen window outside The Odyssey, Belfast, Northern Ireland's biggest indoor arena, which plays host to sports events and world-class entertainment throughout the year. Book lovers should walk over to CS Lewis Square, where the writer’s home town pays homage to his captivating imagination with statues of characters from the Chronicles of Narnia.
    If you have more time, check out the collection of handmade crafts at The DOCK Market, where local designers, artists and crafts people display their wares.

    1 km

    White Walkers meet Titanic tales

    White Walkers, Titanic Belfast

    glassofthrones-whitewalkersv2 glassofthrones-whitewalkersv2

    In the heart of Belfast's Titanic Quarter, right outside the SS Nomadic – the world’s last remaining White Star Line ship – you'll spot the White Walkers window, depicting the terrifying army of the dead along with their ruler, the fearsome Night King. Be sure to delve into the history of Belfast’s shipbuilding heritage at Titanic Belfast, where interactive exhibitions tell the story of the famous liner, from dream voyage to tragic shipwreck.
    If you have more time, go on a Titanic Discovery Walking or Boat Tour to learn more about Belfast's Titanic history.

    glassofthrones-dayone-v2 glassofthrones-dayone-v2
    Day 3 HMS Caroline to Titanic slipways

    Day 3

    Belfast’s Titanic Quarter is now the home of ice and fire – expect a voyage of discovery spanning Titanic’s sorrowful story and the creation of a Game of Thrones® legacy right here in Northern Ireland

    Explore Day 3

    A taste of the Lannisters

    Lannister window, HMS Caroline

    glassofthrones-lannisters glassofthrones-lannisters

    The Lannister window glows in shades of yellow and red, with a splash of green depicting the wildfire explosion at the Sept of Baelor. Nearby, you'll find the Great Light on the Maritime Walk. Over 130 years old, and weighs a massive 10 tonnes! It also has one of the strongest lighthouse beams in the world, and it helped guide ships into Belfast harbour.
    If you have more time, pick up a Black Taxi Tour and let a Belfast native drive you around the city's historic murals and top attractions.

    1 km

    Ready to play the Game of Thrones?

    Iron Throne, Titanic Belfast

    glassofthrones-ironthrone glassofthrones-ironthrone

    Welcome to the final Glass of Thrones window. Here, the new reigning sovereign sits on the Iron Throne – the triumphant leader of the Seven Kingdoms and enduring reminder that Northern Ireland is Game of Thrones® territory. The window is located beside the Titanic Slipways where the ship's tragic journey began. Walk the slipways and shipyard and explore a life-size blueprint of the ship's promenade deck, etched in white stone underfoot.

    star-wars-last-jedi-malin-head-county-donegal star-wars-last-jedi-malin-head-county-donegal