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11 Upper Gardiner Street, Dublin 1, Dublin,
Ms Elizabeth Flood
T: +353(0)18748384

Harveys Guesthouse is a restored Georgian building, run by the Flood family. The guest house is centrally located 900 metres from O'Connell Bridge in Dublin city centre.

Harveys Guesthouse is owned and operated by the Flood family. The house is renowned for its friendly atmosphere, quality service and comfortable rooms, and famously delicious breakfast.

The rooms are very comfortable, with television, phone, and piping hot water for the large bathtubs. The beds are very comfortable and cozy. The house is equipped with WiFi internet access. Each room is ensuite. The décor has been chosen to be both comfortable and warm. The house has been designed to celebrate Dublin’s rich literary history. Every where you go you will be reminded of Irish poets, writers and playwrights. Rooms are dedicated to famous writers with paintings, pictures and poems displayed throughout.

Dublin’s literary history is a treasure indeed, for centuries the city has been home to some of the most imaginative literary minds. Harveys Guesthouse have chosen to design the house with this in mind. Every room is named after a character and every hallway has a story to tell. Let your eye wonder and it will surely fall upon a line of prose, a romantic sonnet or some other literary treasure.

The guest house was built in 1787, by Lord Mount Gardiner. He was responsible for developing most of the Georgian houses built in the area. The house served as a tenement building for many years, and was considered to be located in an "undesirable" part of Dublin. But now Dublin has grown prosperous and the locality is considered to be in a charming quarter of Dublin. Some time in the mid 1800’s the house became a guest house. Little is know of the history of this time but it suffices to say that over the course of 225 years it has been a meeting place for people all over the world. Today, as in the past, the guest house welcomes guests from all over the world, from Auckland to Alberta, Bonn to Beijing, Manchester, Milan, Sienna and many more.

People come to Dublin for many reasons, to experience the atmosphere of the pubs or to walk down Grafton Street, to tour the ancient sites around Dublin such as New Grange or Glendalough. Usually though the most memorable impression people have when they think of their time spent in Dublin is its greatest treasure of all, its people, friendly, talkative and full of enthusiasm. At Harvey’s Guesthouse they try to make every guest feel like family.