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  1. Airfare specials and travel deals from Nordic tour operators

    Airfare specials and travel deals from Nordic tour operators

  2. Accommodation deals

    Accommodation Deals

  3. Dublin

    Dublin is fun all year round! An ideal destination for a city break. Take time to explore this historic city. Discover the rich culture, friendly people, cosy pubs and great music.

  4. Belfast

    Belfast is a vibrant mix of old and new! Enjoy world-class museums, Titanic history, friendly locals, and a great music scene – only 2 hours from Dublin (and next to an iconic coastline).

  5. Things to see and do

    Exploring ancient castles, culinary adventures at cookery schools or grand and glorious gardens: get busy experiencing Ireland.

  6. Golf

    Think you could take on Rory McIlroy’s home course record? Maybe you could match Paul McGinley’s handicap? It’s tee-time, so pick up an offer and pick up your club

  7. Golf travel deals from Nordic golf operators

    Find the latest golf packages your local golf operator is offering to Ireland

  8. Wild Atlantic Way

    Explore the world’s longest defined touring route stretching 2,500km from Donegal to Kinsale and find great deals along the way!

  9. Ireland's Ancient East

    Wander through 5,000 years of history! A visit to the most mythical places in Ireland’s Ancient East is a must for those looking to immerse themselves in rich cultural experiences. Here are some great deals.

  10. Northern Ireland

    Travel deals on accommodation and holiday packages for Northern Ireland

  11. Independent tours

    Book a car rental & a selection of accommodations to take you on your self-drive adventure.