Oeps ... er ging iets mis.

Mijn Ierland

Op zoek naar inspiratie? Een reis aan het plannen? Of wil je jezelf gelukkig scrollen? Wij laten je een Ierland zien dat speciaal voor jou is gemaakt.


    Ontdek wat Ierland voor jou in petto heeft

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    Bringing your pet to Ireland

    The importation of pets into Ireland is strictly controlled to ensure diseases such as rabies are kept off of the island

    Purr-fect for pets

    Bringing your pet on holiday with you is fun – they’re part of the family after all. Selected hotels, guest houses and B&Bs happily accommodate pets: the five-star Hayfield Manor in Cork even has matching dog kennels (marked Lord and Lady). B&B Ireland has over 150 members who accept pets into their homes and many self-catering properties are now pet-friendly.

    For the enthusiastic dog owner, the possibilities for walks are endless on the island – although remember to keep your dog on a leash at all times as sheep can pop up out of the most unlikely places! During the summer months, country fairs and festivals hold all sorts of dog shows, cat shows and pet races; so if you’re particularly proud of your pooch why not see if they can bring home the gold?

    32617_Dog walking at Murlough Bay Beach 32617_Dog walking at Murlough Bay Beach

    Murlough Bay

    County Antrim

    For the enthusiastic dog owner, the possibilities for walks are endless on the island

    Bringing pets into the Republic of Ireland

    Entry requirements from bringing your pet to Ireland will depend on what country your pet is originally from and where it is coming from.

    For example, if you're coming from the EU and want to bring your furry friend with you to Ireland, you’re going to need an EU Pet Passport. This document proves your pet has been microchipped and vaccinated against rabies.

    Brexit may bring changes to the regulations around travelling with your pet but these changes won't come into force until at least the end of 2020. In the meantime, you can still travel with your pet using an EU Pet Passport.

    Only airlines registered with the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine can transport pets. Each ferry operator has differing rules on travelling with animals but pets must travel with their owners or with a person acting on behalf of the owner while on a ferry.

    If you want to bring your pet to Ireland from a country outside the EU you must first check whether your country is a qualifying low risk country or a non-qualifying high risk one.

    Dogwalking at Portumna Castle, County Galway

    A pet from a qualifying low-risk non-EU country must:

    • Be microchipped (this must be done before anything else)
    • Be subsequently vaccinated for rabies
    • Have a veterinary certificate issued or endorsed by the competent authority in the country of origin
    • Dogs must be treated for tapeworm between 24 and 120 hours before travel and the time and date of treatment must be entered on the passport

    A pet coming from a non-qualifying high-risk country must do all of the above and also have a blood test after the rabies vaccination at least three months before entry. The animal must be transported by air to Ireland on an approved airline or owners can apply to the Department of Agriculture, Food and Marine life for a prior approval. Entry by airline is into Dublin airport only where your pet will be inspected in the quarantine facility.

    Castlewellan Forest Park, County Down

    Huisdieren meenemen naar Noord-Ierland

    Volgens het Pet Travel Scheme (PETS) mogen honden, katten, fretten, tamme konijnen en knaagdieren uit bepaalde landen zonder quarantaine Noord-Ierland binnenkomen mits zij aan bepaalde regels voldoen. De regeling geldt alleen voor huisdieren die het Verenigd Koninkrijk binnenkomen vanuit bepaalde landen en gebieden. For the latest information on pet travel to Northern Ireland see hier.

    Huisdieren die Noord-Ierland binnenkomen vanuit niet-gekwalificeerde (niet-geregistreerde) landen moeten bij aankomst zes maanden in quarantaine. Ga voor meer informatie naar de Britse website van de Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

    De grens oversteken met huisdieren

    Huisdieren die reizen van de Republiek Ierland naar Noord-Ierland en vice versa moeten zijn gechipt, ingeënt tegen hondsdolheid en een huisdierenpaspoort hebben.