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Letterkenny, Donegal,
Mr Shane Gallgher

Providing helpful information for Greenlaners from all over the world to enjoy Donegal's green lanes

Greenlane Donegal would like to welcome Greenlaners from all over the world to enjoy Donegal's lanes as the best place for your adventure holiday! Wrapped in 230 miles of rugged coastline, Donegal has numerous sandy beaches, bays, secluded harbours and coves for the visitor to seek out and discover. Famous for its rugged mountains and boglands, which cover over 70 percent of the county, Donegal is an ideal wilderness and haven for much flora and fauna and greenlaning. These remote areas are a dream for those who enjoy the outdoors and the fresh air. It covers an area of 1.2 million acres (c.500,000 hectares). Two thirds of the land consists of rough pasture and upland bog between 600 and 2000 feet above sea level. You may have seen references to Greenlaning and wondered what it is all about.

Greenlaning is driving Public Rights Of Way (PROW) where vehicular rights exist. Primarily these are Byways Open to All Traffic (BOATs).

Greenlane Donegal, promote the sensible driving of these Green Lanes. Often Greenlaning is termed Off-Roading. In actual fact nothing could be further from the truth. Green Lanes are public roads that have an unmetalled surface and to drive them you have to have a road legal vehicle, driving license, insurance, car tax and MOT certificate.

If you are Greenlaning and Off-Roading then this implies that you are driving off the vehicular right of way (the road) and as such would be committing a serious Road Traffic Offence. We prefer that Off-Roading is used for genuine Off-Roading activities where people hire/rent the land from the owner and drive with their permission off the road on that land. This can be everything from fields to rock quarries.

Should you wish to get involved in Greenlaning then Greenlane Donegal can assist you with where to drive and ensure that you drive sensibly and enjoy the hobby/pastime.