Six castles & five eccentrics

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Access all areas tour of Ardglass

In Ireland's most fortified town this tour explores the medieval Ardglass and its transformation from ruin to Georgian splendour. Begining at the town's heritage centre this is an access all areas tour of Ardglass.

Ardglass from the Irish for Green Height is one of the oldest towns in Ireland. After the Norman conquest the harbour became an important centre on the coast. Six castles, one visited by King John, are testament to the former glory of the town. After falling to ruin in the 1600s the town was forgotten. That is until an interesting man, namely William Ogilvie, took it upon himself to rebuild it.

Discover the plan laid out by him in his splendid Georgian revival. Listen to the stories of the people of note who called his town their home. They include Major Aubrey Beauclerk, Thomas Hunter, Francis Joseph Bigger, and Joe Gilmore. The tour gives you access to two old castles, one of which is now Ardglass Golf Club.

?This walk is brought to life with the diary of Duane's great-great-great-grandfather who lived in Ardglass in the 1820s. This remarkable book includes stories of intrigue, murder, disaster, and remarkable occasions.

Provider: Walk the Lecale Peninsula

Location: Discover Ardglass, Bath Street, Ardglass, BT30 7SE

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