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Cathair Deargain

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Ballydavid, Dingle, Kerry,

Cathair Deargain is a restored stone fort that lies near Ballydavid in County Kerry. It typifies the fortified homesteads of ruling families in the early Christian period.

Restored by the Office of Public Works, Cathair Deargain is a fortified homestead of the kind used by ruling families in the early Christian period. The homestead, near Ballydavid County Kerry, consists of a number of circular stone huts surrounded by a defensive wall about 27 metres in diameter.

Often there exists not merely one but two or three walls for the purpose of defence. These were also used for the purpose of penning farm animals so as to prevent them from straying during the night. Such remains today are generally termed Lios, Rath or Cathair. The Cathair is a stone fortress.