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The National Leprechaun Museum

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Twilfit House, 1 Jervis Street, Dublin City Centre, Dublin,

The National Leprechaun Museum takes visitors deep into Celtic culture to discover what really lies behind tales of leprechauns, rainbows and pots of gold.

The first ever visitor attraction dedicated to the world of Irish myth, opens up a world full of folklore and stories. A fairytale for adults and children alike, this interactive experience gives a deeper sense of Irish cultural identity and imagination.

Feel what it’s like to journey deep beneath the rocks of the Giant’s Causeway, open up your mind to the sights and stories of Ireland’s mythical otherworld on a trip to fairy hill, experience what it’s like to live in a leprechaun sized world and journey to the end of the rainbow to see if the elusive crock of gold really exists.

Facilities include gift shop and toilets.