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St Nicholas' Collegiate Church of Ireland

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Found in Galway City, St. Nicholas' Collegiate Church was established by 1320 and is one of Ireland’s best-preserved medieval town churches. The building has a rich history and is still in use as a house of worship today.

St Nicholas' Collegiate Church was established in Galway City, County Galway in 1320 and is dedicated to St Nicholas of Myra, known today as Santa Claus. In the 15th century, many of the church’s valuable medieval furnishings were removed by the English King’s Lord Deputy Leonard and later, in the 16th century, Cromwellian troops used the space as a stable.

Still, the structure is well preserved. Inside, visitors can view fragments of two wooden mitres and a crown that survived the difficult times, in addition to the unique triple nave, fascinating carvings, gargoyles and stained glass windows. The house of worship has attracted many notable visitors over the years, including Christopher Columbus, who prayed here during a visit to Galway in 1477.