National Leprechaun Hunt

May 12 2019
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Carlingford Village, Carlingford, Louth,

Don't miss one of Ireland's quirkiest and best loved events. National Leprechaun Hunt in Carlingford, Co Louth!
Up to 1000 prizes to be won with a top prize of a gold bar worth €1250! Fantastic day for everyone from 3 -93!

To celebrate 30 years since leprechauns were discovered on Slieve Foy Mountain which led to their eventual protection, Carlingford is hosting The National Leprechaun Hunt again with a BIG difference! This year there is a bar of gold to be found worth €1250!

There will also be 1000 prizes hidden in the village on the day and it hopes to raise a lot of money for charity. All local business’s have donated prizes – from ice creams to pizza’s to the bar of gold!

Mr. Kevin Woods. who is better known as The Leprechaun Whisperer , claims the leprechauns are in great spirits now that they are being protected and as a thank you for the past 10 years, recently dropped some gold into Irelands only Leprechaun Cavern which is located in Carlingford Co Louth.
Mr Woods feels that the leprechaun folk will like that their gold included in the hunt which is marking the 10 year anniversary of the EU's Special Area of Protection designation. He thinks it is a sign that they really enjoy watching the happy children and families hunting for them and there is something telling him that they will be around on the day itself.

Exactly 30 years ago, the suit and bones of a leprechaun were found on The Slieve Foy mountain and sparked the original Leprechaun Hunt which was held on the Easter Sunday of 1989, attracting 4,000 visitors to the region.

Following the official designation of Slieve Foy Mountain in Carlingford as an EU Special Protection Area for Little People in 2009, the area – and the event - has captured the nation’s imagination. At every hunt, the small medieval town of Carlingford becomes thronged with visitors hoping to catch sight of one of 236 leprechauns believed to reside on the mountain.

'As the leprechauns are feeling safer they are now venturing down from the mountain a lot more. This year we are hosting the hunt in the village itself. This will make it easier for buggies grandparents and disabled people to take part too' said Kevin Woods.

‘We are expecting that the wee folk will be watching to see what happens to their gold and strictly request that any leprechaun sighted should be allowed to pass and absolutely no attempt should be made to capture them. ‘Slieve Foy is now recognised as the home of the last leprechauns of Ireland with 236 currently living on the mountain. It is important that they remain safe, happy and are not allowed to become extinct.’
“There is a lot of interest in our leprechauns and there are many enthusiasts out there who believe in what we are doing here and feel strongly about protecting our little people as they are the foundation of our heritage and folklore’.

Prospecting licences will be sold on the day at €6.00 per person and registration begins at 2.00pm. Only carriers of authenticated licences will be allowed to hunt.

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