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    Join in the fun around the city on 16 June as Dublin celebrates James Joyce’s love for the city and Bloomsday!
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    County Dublin
    Art & Culture
    30mins from Dublin Airport
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    Celebrate with Dublin

    Hands up how many people have read James Joyce’s entire 265,000-word masterpiece, Ulysses? Even if you've never picked up James Joyce’s iconic novel Ulysses, you can still enjoy Bloomsday. The first celebration took place in 1954 and was organised by a group of writers and cultural figures.

    Today, Bloomsday is enjoyed by everyone, with readings, performances, re-enactments, and a host of other events. So don your best boater hat and join in the celebrations for a divine time out in Dublin, in the footsteps of Leopold Bloom!

    County Dublin
    +353 (0) 1878 8547
    10th - 16th June 2024

    Bloomsday celebrations in Dublin city

    Walk in the footsteps of a literary legend

    A uniquely Irish festival, Bloomsday is a celebration of James Joyce’s modernist epic Ulysses, held on the anniversary of the day featured in the book, 16 June 1904. The festival takes over the streets of Dublin that inspired Joyce and his works. Go all out and dress in the fashion of the period, sample dishes mentioned in the book and visit the featured locations for the full Bloomsday experience.

    With street performances, lectures, readings, workshops and walking tours, make sure to head to the traditional Bloomsday spots of Sweny’s Chemist on Lincoln Place, Glasnevin Cemetery and Davy Byrne’s pub on Duke Street, as well as James Joyce Tower and Museum in Sandycove along the coast of south County Dublin.

    When I die, Dublin will be written in my heart

    James Joyce
    dublin-collage-four dublin-collage-four

    A celebration of James Joyce's Ulysses

    Even if you haven’t quite got round to reading this epic novel, you can still immerse yourself in Joyce’s Dublin for Bloomsday.

    The Yes Festival

    The Yes Festival is a celebration of female artists inspired by the final monologue from the character of Molly Bloom in Joyce’s Ulysses. The festival celebrates one of literature’s most popular muses by inviting female artists to exhibit their visual art, writing, dance and much more in venues across Derry~Londonderry and County Donegal. 

    bloomsday-large-image bloomsday-large-image

    Bloomsday, Dublin city

    Looking for something different?

    We love a festival on the island of Ireland. And we celebrate everything from saints to surfing to Star Wars with a fun, vibrant and year-round line-up of festivals and events. So no matter when you're coming, you'll find an event to help make your trip something special.

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