Purple Rain - Prince 60th Birthday Dedication

Jun 07 2018
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The Sugar Club, 8 Lower Leeson Street, St. Kevin's, Dublin,
T: +353(0)16787188

Celebrate what would have been the influential artist's 60th birthday with this very special screening.

Ever since his royal purpleness passed away the world has been in mourning for Prince's fiery guitar licks and mysterious music-making style. As an artist, he inspired a folklore all of his own making, lighting up screens and stages alike.

With the release in 1984 of Purple Rain, the dramatic music and fashion film extravaganza that introduced Prince to the silver screen, his influence grew beyond the arenas and record stores to a brand new generation. An instant classic, Purple Rain tells the story of The Kid, a young musician looking to make it with his band, The Revolution. Cue a familiar tale of band tensions and rivalries, alongside some dark love stories.

All in all, it's an urban masterpiece: egos inflate, Purple Rain is played, and there is, of course, a suitably glam love interest for The Kid. Revel in the glory in celebration of what would have been Prince's 60th birthday at the Sugar Club.