Quiz: Do you know the Irish people who changed the world?

St James's Gate, Dublin

Quiz: Irish people who changed the world

The island of Ireland holds a proud legacy of amazing trailblazers and inventors. Take our quiz and prepare to be inspired!

Way back in 1894, Irish man John Joly invented a successful way of producing colour photographs, changing the way we see and capture the world forever. What county did he hail from?

Arthur Guinness began brewing his famous porter in Leixlip County Kildare. Guinness found its new and lasting home at St James’ Brewery shortly after. In what city will you find the Guinness Storehouse?

What iconic landmark did Kilkenny-born architect James Hoban design?

Edith Anne Stoney is considered to be the first female medical physicist in the world! What Dublin neighbourhood did she live in?

It will come as no surprise to know that Ireland crafted the first flavoured potato crisps! This iconic brand is one of the most loved on the island to this day. What are they called?

In the land known as the Emerald Isle, it’s little wonder that an Irishman invented the modern tractor. What is the make known as today?

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